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Price: £18.99

CC Buttocks Lifting Gel was designed specifically for women looking to reduce the appearance of dimples on their thighs and bum so they can back to feeling their best.

The gel contains natural ingredients such as ginseng, tea and arnica (plant), which can improve the elasticity of the skin and boost blood circulation. It can help to smooth and firm the skin on your bum and thighs. Its natural ingredients will lift, tone, smooth and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

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Price: £21.99

ViaTight is a specially designed gel which thousands of women have used to achieve natural support for the elasticity of their vaginal walls.

This superbly effective formula is applied directly to the vagina, where it is absorbed through the epidermal layer of your skin in order to get to work instantly. ViaTight also contains a variety of ingredients which have been proven to provide temporary relief from the symptoms of menopause.

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Price: £22.99

Plenty of women experience a decline in their sense of a sensual self as time passes, with exhaustion, parenthood, and a busy career all too often getting in the way!

But the good news is, there’s an increased demand to do something about it - and ViaHer has responded. ViaHer Pro capsules are created to be taken right before engaging in intimacy so that you can feel all the brilliant benefits!

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Price: £36.99

Enhance your desire and boost your arousal with hersolution gel.

Thousands of women have benefitted from the hoist of natural ingredients specifically designed to improve your sex life and satisfaction. If you’re fed up of having a low libido, then this product could be the one for you.

Its easy to apply and discreet nature helps keep desire, arousal and sexual stimulation alive.

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Price: £29.99

Total Curve Breast Lifting and Firming Gel offers a simple but effective way for women to improve the look and feel of their breasts with a minimum of disruption to their daily routine.

This natural breast enhancement gel offers an easy way to improve your confidence from the comfort of your own home, and includes the active ingredient volufiline, which has been clinically proven to increase breast size by up to 8.4% in less than two months. With regular daily use, this intensive breast enhancement gel helps improve your breast contours, cleavage and size.

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Price: £59.99

The Total Curve Breast Enhancement Therapy Duo Pack is a revolutionary two-part system featuring Total Curve Daily Supplement and Total Curve Firming and Lifting Gel. These two superb treatments work together both internally and externally to help tone, firm, lift and reshape your breasts. It  utilises the latest medical research into natural breast enhancement to provide fast and effective results without the need for invasive, expensive and uncomfortable surgery.

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Price: £28.99

Formulated to enhance the appearance of your bust, CC Fabulous Breasts Cream is an all-natural formula that’s easy and clean to apply and provides you with your eye-catching results. It works by maintaining a good hormone level to provide the right nutrients to your bust. In doing so your appearance is enhanced and confidence is raised. CC Fabulous Breasts Cream is a leading choice for women who want to enlarge and firm up their breasts.

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Price: £35.99

 CC Fabulous Breasts Tablets are a natural formula that works with your body to enlarge them and enhance their appearance.

Boost your cup and bust size without the side effects today with CC Fabulous Breasts Tablets. All you have to do is take 3 breast enlargement tablets a day to enhance your appearance and enlarge your breasts to the size you desire. Each bottle contains 90 natural tablets and for optimal results you can use with CC Fabulous Breasts Cream.

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Price: £35.99

An all-natural daily supplement, Total Curve can help to make you feel confident about the look of your breasts.

The herbs in these breast enhancement capsules contain hormones that mimic your own oestrogen and may be able to increase the overall volume of your curves, from the inside. Total Curve supplement might not be able to provide the instant results of surgery, but women find that the gradual results that these capsules can provide are more natural looking. What’s more this alternative is cheaper than an invasive procedure.

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Price: £29.95

Proferia is a convenient and easy-to-apply cream which offers quick, effective and discreet relief from some of the most common symptoms of the menopause, including hot flushes, night sweats and low libido, by helping to balance the body’s hormone levels.

Proferia is a safe and 100% natural transdermal progesterone which strengthens the body’s defence against menopause, enabling you to enjoy painless and discreet relief from symptoms of the menopause immediately.

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Price: £11.99

Make your routine a little more wholesome with a blast of a fruity superfood with the Cranberry with Vitamin C capsules!

Maxmedix’s high strength food supplement is packed with a potent 30,000mg in every serving to ensure you get the care you need. This natural supplement is sourced from the finest Cranberry, a fruit that contains a rich source of several vitamins and minerals. One of these is Vitamin C, known to contribute to the normal function of your immune system. Feel all the benefits of these discreet and easy to take capsules today with ShytoBuy!

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Price: £12.99

Naturally plump your bust with Pure Cold Pressed Fenugreek Oil by Maxmedix!

This all-natural breast enhancement solution aspires to help you get the look you desire. Made with only 100% Pure Cold Pressed Fenugreek Oil, you’ll be able to feel all the benefits of this superfood in this nourishing formula. Not only this, because no heat is used in the process, its high quality is also retained. Save yourself the hassle of expensive surgery with this convenient alternative that you can use from the comfort of your own home today!

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Price: £17.99

Naturally take care of your menopausal concerns with the Evening Primrose Oil Softgels from Maxmedix!

This food supplement works to deliver the very highest quality in natural ingredients and supportive natural essence. Each softgel is packed with 1300mg per serving of enticing elements such as essential Omega 6 and Gamma Linoleic Acids.

Manage the natural changes that occur in the body with age whilst also providing benefits to your joints and skin!

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Price: £12.99

The Viaher Intimacy Patch is designed to act as a natural stimulant for the female libido.

Its patch form means you don’t need to worry about remembering pills, you simply apply one convenient patch a day!

Take back your intimate moments with this handy patch that helps provide energy and power when it’s needed the most. The product aims to provide you with energy in your intimate moments, making your performance more satisfying for both parties.

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Price: £23.96

Eco Masters' Breast Firming Cream is an enjoyable and pleasurable method of natural breast enhancement.

With a rich fusion of natural ingredients, it takes a holistic approach, firming, tightening, and hydrating all at once. Even its delivery method - a stimulating everyday massage - seeks to augment, plump and lift.

This botanical, herbal formulation can help volumise and lift your breasts while being kind to your skin and body.

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Price: £29.99

Join the thousands of men worldwide who have benefitted from the all-new GMAX Power Capsules.

These new capsules are an improvement on the ever-popular Gold Max Blue for Men. Take one capsule to help improve you libido, sexual strength, stamina and performance. The formula contains many exotic ingredients such as ginseng and damiana.

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Price: £17.95

Viaman Ejaculation Control Delay Spray is the ultimate in achieving prolonged sex with a minimum of fuss, working its magic in a matter of moments.

Viaman Ejaculation Control Delay Spray is the perfect tool for maintaining your sex life. Viaman Ejaculation Control Delay Spray’s effective formula uses an array of natural ingredients which have been tested for safety and efficiency. 

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Price: £24.99

Need a little extra spark in the bedroom?

Gold Max Blue is a potent male libido enhancer that can dramatically enhance sexual performance and stamina. Formulated from pure and natural ingredients, Gold Max Blue can boost your sex drive and make your erections harder and stronger for longer. These convenient capsules are quick and easy to use, and one 60-capsule bottle should last you approximately one month.

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Price: £10.36

Viaman Ejaculation Control Delay Wipes offers a simple way to enjoy longer-lasting sex with a minimum amount of fuss.

It contains a unique blend of carefully selected ingredients aimed at maintaining sexual pleasure – and as each wipe contains the required amount of formula, there is minimal risk of applying too much – allowing you to enjoy longer and more pleasurable sex without inhibiting sensation.

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Price: £20.99

An all-natural and discreet opportunity to boost your sexual performance by increasing the size and strength of your erections.

These convenient and easy-to-swallow capsules contain a unique blend of herbal extracts which have been clinically-proven to not only enhance your penis, but also increase libido – allowing you to enjoy longer and better sex, and perk up your bedroom fun.

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